SICOM - Montreux

About the SICOM

The SICOM, or Société Industrielle et Commerciale de Montreux, is an association that represents and defends corporations industrial and commercial of the municipality of Montreux.

As a representative body, SICOM promotes trade of the town and its industrial activity, intervenes with the authorities to ensure that the values it upholds are heard and necessary for its activity framework conditions are put in place.

With more than 150 members in industries as diverse as tourism, hospitality, insurance, construction, restoration, health, etc., the SICOM represents and conveys the values that characterize its members.

Important economic vectors, stakeholders in tourism, traders and industrialists of Montreux are the beating heart of the city. Through the prism of the SICOM, these are their brand image, credibility and quality that our association is given the mission to spread and defend.

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